Building an Offline Community

Marketing folk already know that building a community in today’s world typically refers to building an online community. Online communities are an essential piece of any good marketing strategy, and many companies use social media to accomplish this. However, I still believe that an online community is only one piece of the overall marketing puzzle…. Continue reading

Event Marketing Interview on

At Centre Technologies, I plan a lot demand generation events designed to attract new leads to our business. recently interviewed me about my event marketing tactics, and how we track our process. Read Event Marketing is Great, But Where are the Conversions? on to get the scoop!  

5 Weird Things About Texas

There are a lot of weird things about living in Texas, but we’ll just start with these five: 1.) Kolaches – A kolache (pronounced ko-la-chee) is a breakfast staple in Texas. Prior to moving to Houston, I had never heard of the delicacy, much to the chagrin of my coworkers, but it apparently originated in… Continue reading