Not all emails are created equally, and the rule is even truer for eNewsletters. These newsletters, though, are emails I actually look forward to reading. They help me start my day feeling a little more informed, sometimes even inspired!

The Skimm

I may have mentioned my love for theSkimm in last year’s top tech tools post, and my feelings for it haven’t changed a bit. Every morning, I get high-level, extremely practical tidbits on everything from politics to pop culture.

However, I also have to mention how much I LOVE the app. For $2.99 per month, theSkimm app gives me the same information as the daily eNewsletter, and it includes a calendar that I can integrate with my Google Calendar to populate important dates and events (dates of international and political importance, plus things like the Oscars. Good mix, right?).

Founders Grid

Stay on top of tech, design, and startup news, aka, the FASTEST changing news ever. In the world of tech, it’s a severe case of “You snooze, you lose.” With your daily Founders Grid newsletter, you’ll get interesting articles about growing a business, tech tools, and some stuff that’s just for fun. Either way, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the hottest tech and design news with minimal effort.

Modern Desk

Imagine being a connoisseur of awesome stuffs for your desk. This is what you’ll have waiting for you in your inbox every week. Even better, they’re not sponsored or trying to push specific office products on you: they just like to share pretty things for your office! You’ll also get updates on useful technology tools and electronics. I LOVE seeing the cool new things they find.


This newsletter provides great information for freelancers, with everything from tips on remote work to artistic inspiration. I find that I always click through at least two of the articles in this newsletter, and sometimes, I’ll save it in my inbox until I have a chance to read it. While there is usually a plug or two for the CloudPeeps platform, the eNews really focuses on providing value to the freelancing community

Quick Sprout

This newsletter is a must-subscribe for any entrepreneur or marketer! Neil Patel’s blog always provides an in-depth look at a marketing problem, and you’ll get step-by-step action items to help you achieve success. The emails themselves are short and to the point, but they serve as a reminder for me to pop on over to the blog post.

Social Sidekick by Meltwater

Is it bad that I have no idea when or where I signed up for this newsletter? I’m not sure just how it came to land in my inbox, but I do know it’s one of the most useful newsletters I receive. It’s packed with funny holidays and pop culture events that I can utilize in planning content calendars both for social media, blogs, and email marketing efforts.

Get the Best News Delivered to Your Inbox

Isn’t it nice to have the best news just waiting for you in your email? I also love staying up-to-date on marketing trends and tech tips, and I’d be more than happy to share them with you too. Subscribe to my eNewsletter for the latest of my findings!

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